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Product Description ALL Rainbow Colours Retail incl VAT Retail inc Postage How Many ?
Shoulder Bags
VERY Small Shoulder Bag with Jute Rope Handles– 20(w) x 17cm ( h) R67 R77  
Very Small Shoulder Bag with Leather Straps R122 R132  
Small Shoulder Bag with  Jute Rope Handles  - 30 (w) x 26 cm (h) R74 R84  
Small Shoulder Bag with Leather Straps R129 R139  
Medium Shoulder Bag   with Jute Rope Handles – 30(w) x 31 cm  (h) R126 R138  
Medium Shoulder Bag with Leather Straps R157 R168  
Large Shoulder Bag  with Jute Rope Handles 39 (w) x 40 cm ( h) R138 R149  
Large Shoulder Bag with  Leather Straps R199 R216  
VERY Large Shoulder Bag with  Jute Rope Handles – 40 ( w) x 45 cm (h) R189 R209  
Very Large Shoulder Bag with Leather Straps R252 R274  
Rucksack bag – 39 (w) –40cm (h) with jute rope tie R204  R222  
Tog Bag
Tog Bag Small - R324 R364  
Tog Bag Medium – 43(l) x 28(h) x29cm (w) R366 R396  
Tog Bag Large  57(l) x 28(h) x 30 cm (w) R469 R511  
Nandi Bag
Small Nandi – 19 ( w) x 11cm (h)  R38  R48  
Medium Nandi – 22(w) x 12cm (h) R42  R52  
Large Nandi – 28(w) x 20 cm (h) R61 R71  
Tito Purse
Small Tito Purse – 11(w) x 12 cm (h) R24 R34  
Large Tito Purse – 16 (w) x 14 cm (h) R34 R44  
Small Placemat 28 x 35 R40 R45  
Medium Placemat 32 x 35 R55 R60  
Large Placemat 36 x 45 R69 R74  
Rug 1m ( l)  x 0.7m ( w) R200 R232  
Bed & Couch Throws
Single Bed 2.1m x 1.7m R813 R889  
Two Seater 2.5m x 1.7m R999 R1059  
Square Tablecloth 135 cm x 135 cm R417 R477  
Bath Mat
Bath Mat 65 x 42 cm R78 R98  
Single Hammock 2.8 x 1m R861 R945  
Hammock2.8 x 1.35 R1158 R1230  
Sitting Hammock R741 R856  
Small Cushion Cover 30 x 30cm R97 R110  
Small Cover  with INNER R114 R137  
Medium Cushion  Cover 38 x38cm R137 R165  
Medium  Cover with INNER R154 R185  
Large Cushion  Cover 45 x 45cm R177 R211  
Large Cover with INNER R194 R231  
Very Large  Cushion 60 x 60 cm R204 R242  
Very Large Cushion with INNER R255 R309  
Continental Cushion 75cm x 75 cm R365 R429  
Continental Cover with Inner R399 R469  

interior design ideas home decorating ideas  bedroom decorating ideas

Sue & Paul Ross

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