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Interior design ideas for Home Decorators

Interior design ideas.

African Loom's huge range of colour combinations offers great interior design ideas for home decorators.
Vibrant colours bring warm African sunshine straight into your portfolio of interior design options.
Sophisticated, subtle, rich tones and easy on the eye, the African Shades range teams up wonderfully with the most modern interior design scheme. Without being brazen, we feel there is a lot to be gained from bringing a little textured comfort to your client's home and office decorating experience.

Interior designer product range

Our interior designer product range includes bedspreads and curtains, cushions and cushion covers, cloths, hammocks, floor rugs, place mats and throws.

Interior design ideas.

Our colour range is the spectrum from bright African Rainbow to subtle African Shades, tawny African Plains and gentle African Pearl.

If you are an interior designer with a major project, consider creating a unique interior design colour range. We can mix and match colour combinations to suit your needs!

Interior design and colour coordination

Think of the colour coordination possibilities if you are doing the interior design for an hotel, game lodge or even a private home or a beach cottage. Your interior design clients will love them.
The first impression is the strongest. Make sure that your interior design ideas are saying the right things about you and your home, office or client. Make your choice of decorating products that don't fight with one another, but are different, and stand out in an exceptional way, to bring positive advantage to cutting edge interior design.
Whether you choose clear, confident colours from our African Rainbow range, or the strong combinations of natural shades from the African Plains range, you will be making a statement of taste and style in your interior decorating ideas.

interior design ideas home decorating ideas  bedroom decorating ideas

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