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Floor Rugs and Throws from African Loom

Throws in the African Plains range.

Having trouble with inspiration for your son's bedroom decorating? Look no more! Our colourful floor rugs offer the ideal makeover solution from the African Plains range.

Floor rugs and throws of various sizes are available, and you can extend the charm of your bedroom decorating with floor mats and bathroom co-ordinates to match.

The natural comforting texture of cotton works well with sea grass, wooden artefacts and ceramics.

The rich tones of the African Plains floor mat colours enhance natural textures and fabrics. With the emphasis on excellent quality, your choice is good looking as well as durable. The handsome partner to glowing wood and natural tones of the earth.

Floor rugs in the African Plains range.

ALL our floor rugs are available in EACH colour range.

Prefer different floor rug colour combinations? We can mix and match colour combinations to suit your needs!


interior design ideas home decorating ideas  bedroom decorating ideas

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